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The Brooks Preservation Society (BPS) a 501(c)(3) non-profit all volunteer organization, was formed in 2008 with the mission to protect, preserve, and celebrate historic structures and artifacts in Brooks as well as the surrounding communities for the benefit of the citizens and local economy. The preservation and restoration of structures in a community contributes to the economic vitality.

Brooks Railroad Station

Our first opportunity/project was to protect, preserve, and restore the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad's Brooks Railroad Station located in Brooks, Maine.

B&ML Equipment

Our second opportunity/project was to protect, restore, and maintain, several pieces of former B&ML motive power and rolling stock. These include Locomotives #50 and #53. Locomotive #53 was our first collection piece. Open air car #25, a Fairmont A-4, and two push carts followed. Then we added locomotive #50, the first diesel electric locomotive to operate on the B&ML.

Railroad Corridor

Next, to preserve the railroad corridor running through Waldo County, we formed a railroad and now operate as the Belfast and Moosehead Railroad. During our operating season, we offer weekend and holiday excursions departing mostly from Belfast, Maine. Revenues from our excursions fund our railroad operation and restoration projects.

City Point Railroad Station & Museum

Finally, we acquired the City Point Railroad Museum located in Belfast Maine to serve as the primary location for our tourist operations.

Community Development

BPS believes in building partnerships. Those partnerships with local businesses, communities, and other historic and preservation societies will ensure that yesterday is saved for tomorrow!

No one person can successfully preserve and protect historic treasures in our communities. At BPS, we welcome the community to participate in our efforts. Each member of our organization is a valuable asset and must be recognized for their unique contributions and talents. Preservation is not just about buildings, curators, and collections. It is about people and communities.