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BPS/B&ML RR prides itself as an all-volunteer organization. Volunteers are essential to preserving our railroad heritage. We offer a plethora of opportunities to explore your rail interest or learn something new. Here are few volunteer opportunities;


        Answering phones and/or responding to inquiries
        Grant Writers
        Web Site Development/Maintenance

Railroad Operations

        Engineers *
        Conductors *
        Car Attendants *
        Ticket Agents
        Station Agents

* Must have prior experience and/or complete our training program.

Railcycle Operations

        Conductors/Guides **

** Must complete our training program.

Restoration and Maintenance Projects

        Brooks Station & Grounds
        City Point Station & Grounds
        Coach Restoration/Rehabilitation

Track Maintenance

        Tie Renewal
        Lining and Surfacing
        Culvert Cleaning

Equipment Maintenance

        Rail Cars
        MOW Equipment

 Flexible Schedules

We offer Volunteers a flexible schedule. Most activities occur on weekends, but opportunities do exist to volunteer during the week. Projects are assigned based on interest and experience. All efforts will be made to give everyone a choice of projects.

 What to bring

Please be prepared for work days by wearing appropriate clothing, hats and gloves. Those interested in train and/or track work need to wear steel toed boots. Please ensure to bring water.

 Who to Contact

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete the application for membership.

Volunteer Membership Plan

Become a society member through volunteering! The BPS/B&ML RR Volunteer Membership plan credits volunteers with a Society Membership upon completing 15 hours of volunteer service.